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LTE in unlicensed spectrum and Wi-Fi: Looking beyond coexistence
The first time I heard about LTE in the 5 GHz license-exempt band, my reaction was: “Why do we need it? Wi-Fi works well, it’s cheap, and it’s in every device.”
The importance of physical location in a virtualized world
Virtualization in the RAN and in the core frees mobile operators from restrictions about physical location – they can locate and distribute functionality across the network as they see fit. This is not because physical location is no longer important. Quite the opposite, it is precisely becaus...
New report on RAN virtualization available
Senza Fili new report in collaboration with RCR Wireless News, “Charting the path to RAN virtualization: C-RAN, fronthaul and HetNets”, discusses the market trends, operator requirements, and technology opportunities driving the transition to a virtualized RAN, through the deployment of ...
New report Charting the path to RAN virtualization: C-RAN, fronthaul and HetNets
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Report topics
- Where does RAN virtualization fit in?
- The emergence of a new RAN topology. From distributed RAN to C-RAN and virtualized RAN
- From local to advanced C-RAN. Multiple types of C-RAN to target different environments
- Picking the right C-RAN architecture. Assessment of multiple tradeoffs crucial to successful C-RAN deployments
- The path to virtualization. The role of the RAN within the NFV platform
- Fronthaul, the great enabler of C-RAN and vRAN architectures. A bottleneck or a requirement to meet?
- Fronthaul beyond CPRI. CPRI alternatives attract operators’ attention
- Tradeoffs can ease the way to RAN virtualization. Functional split options to facilitate or enable the transition to C-RAN
- Drivers to a virtualized RAN: cost. Cost dynamics in the short term and in the long term
- Drivers to a virtualized RAN: mobility and interference management. Toward a more efficient use of network resources in densified networks
- Drivers to a virtualized RAN: statistical multiplexing. Leveraging uneven traffic distribution to optimiz
e resource utilization
- Implications: The death of the cell? Moving baseband processing to the cloud erases RAN boundaries

Interviews included in the report:  Airvana, ASOCS, Fujitsu, Radisys, SOLiD, Oi, Orange, Softbank and Telefonica

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