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Building the foundation for the CBRS ecosystem. A conversation with Iyad Tarazi, CEO, Federated Wireless

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Spectrum sharing in the 3.5 GHz band in the US with the CBRS approach encourages efficiency and innovation in how we use spectrum. However, its success greatly relies on building a robust ecosystem and consensus on how to implement the regulatory framework established by the FCC in the US. In this conversation, I talked with Iyad Tarazi, CEO of Federated Wireless on how the CBRS ecosystem is evolving and the role of Federated Wireless within it in providing a combined SAS and ESC solution. 

CBRS enables new business models and new use cases – ranging from mobile operator-driven access and small cells, to private networks powering a variety of IoT applications and enterprise, to fixed access. “This system allows them to get to enterprise Wi-Fi–type economics with a shared LTE model without the very, very steep spectrum costs and other costs of LTE in licensed bands”, told us Iyad.  

And the innovation is not confined to the US. Iyad added “We hope that this will be a global system beyond the US, because as we prove out the efficiency of the spectrum and the speed with which we can make spectrum available, that is a competitive advantage

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