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Backhaul for small cells. Finding the right cost/performance tradeoffs to meet the backhaul challenge
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Report roadmap

Requirements: Definitions, deployment typologies and requirements for small-cell backhaul solutions.

Solutions: Assessment of different technologies (fiber, wireless), spectrum bands (sub-6 GHz, microwave, millimeter wave, licensed and license-exempt bands), architectures (LOS/NLOS, PMP/PTP, topologies, form factors, and deployment models)

Vendors: Vendor strategies and overview of innovative solutions.

Financial analysis:
Financial tradeoffs of alternatives, including fiber versus wireless, PTP versus PMP, LOS versus NLOS, and at the cost impact of integrated backhaul, relays, and wholesale business models

In their own words: Vendors' own statements on what makes their solutions stand out in the market


Fiber, sub-6 GH licensed and license-exempt, PMP and PTP microwave, 60 GHz, E-band


Airspan, Alcatel-Lucent, Aviat, Blinq, Bluwan, BridgeWave, Cambridge Broadband Networks, Ceragon, DesignArt, DragonWave, E-Band, Ericsson, Huawei, Intracom, NEC, Nokia-Siemens, Powerwave, Ruckus Wireless, Siklu, Skyfiber, Sub10, Taqua, Ubiquiti


LOS versus NLOS; PTP versus PMP; Star, spoke-and-hub, ring, hybrid topologies; relay hops


Capacity, latency, distance, spectrum bands, form factor, installation, power, LOS/NLOS, PTP/PMP, LTE-Advanced features



Table of contents

1. The backhaul challenge
2. Report scope and roadmap
3. A new backhaul paradigm
4. Defining small cells and deployment typologies
5. Backhaul requirements

6. Fiber or wireless?
7. Wireless options: spectrum tradeoffs
8. A decision tree: Fiber, LOS or NLOS, licensed or unlicensed?
9. Topologies
10. Opportunistic deployment models
11. Integrated backhaul in a single-box form factor
12. Vendor strategies
13. Vendor innovation
14. Financial analysis: assumptions
15. Sensitivity analysis: fiber
16. What is cheapest: PTP or PMP? LOS or NLOS?
17. Cost reduction with single-box integrated backhaul
18. LOS relays: how much do they add to the TCO?
19. Cost savings with a wholesale model
20. Findings
21. In their own words


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