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 Small-cell backhaul: industry trends and market overview
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- Altobridge 
- BLiNQ 
- Bluwan 
- CCS 
- Cisco 
- DragonWave 
- Intracom Telecom 
- NEC 
- Proxim Wireless 
- Siklu 
- SOLiD Technologies 
- Tellabs 
- Vubiq   


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Our latest report presents an overview of what has changed in the small-cell backhaul market over the last year, and a deep dive into vendor's efforts to bring to the market products that meet the operators' requirements. 

Table of contents

I. Market trends report

1. Introduction: The evolving small-cell backhaul market. A more precisely targeted approach to small-cell requirements
2. A look at the last year: What stayed the same and what has changed. A balancing act to improve performance and reduce equipment cost and size
3. Methodology
4. Confirmed trends. Backhaul is still a key element of small-cell deployments and TCO
5. Emerging trends. Variety in small-cell deployments requires flexibility in the backhaul

II. Vendors’ profiles

III. Vendors’ conversation

The report has profiles and conversations for the following vendors:
1. Altobridge
2. BLiNQ Networks
3. Bluwan
4. CCS
5. Cisco
6. DragonWave
7. Intracom
8. Proxim Wireless
9. NEC
10. Siklu
12. SOLiD Technologies
13. Tellabs
14. VubIQ

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