Market research, financial analysis and consulting on wireless technologies and services
 RFP management and vendor selection
  • Preliminary assessment of project scope, costs, and ROI. We work with you to assess your initial plans to develop a new product, service, or network, looking at the opportunity in terms of technology, business model, market sizing, ecosystem, and long-term market evolution. We can help you determine how to achieve long-term profitability and sustainability, and we compare your positioning to that of your competitors or of your reference models in other markets.

  • Development of relationships with vendors. We help you understand the vendor ecosystem, provide an overview and assessment of available solutions, and introduce you to the key vendors.
  • Development of RFP and procurement documents. We work alongside your team to develop detailed, accurate, effective RFP documents that will elicit solid, informative proposals from best-of-breed vendors.
  • Management of the RFP and procurement process. We design the vendor selection process—from the RFP document preparation to the vendor selection—to ensure that the process is efficient and informative and adheres to the planned timeline.
  • Vendor selection and contract negotiation. We assist you in evaluating submitted proposals, discussing them with vendors, selecting the vendor best suited to your requirements, and negotiating the contract.

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