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Net neutrality and Title II
On the Net-neutrality day of action, take a few minutes and have your say on #netneutrality. Be part of the crowd: 5.6 million people have entered their comments already
EXFO: Dynamic topology and predictive analytics
In this conversation with Anssi Tauriainen, the Director of Service Assurance and Analytics at EXFO, we talked about how analytics can help us optimize mobile networks today 
Empirix: Real-time analytics
Real-time analytics to understand QoE and optimize end-to-end performance. A conversation with Robert Laliberte, VP Marketing, Empirix, and Monica  Paolini, Senza Fili


Mastering analytics. How to benefit from big data and network complexity

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Operators finally have the tools they need to optimize their networks in real time and, in doing so, to increase the efficiency of network resources and improve subscribers’ QoE.

To do so, they need to gain a deeper understanding of how their networks work, e.g., of how performance and QoE depends on application, time/location, network condition – and how these factors interact, and how performance issues can be mapped to specific network elements and resolved.

This report is about how analytics can make wireless networks smarter, how analytics can leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to do so, and why this is happening now.

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If you missed the live webinar previewing the report, you can listen/view it here, and download the slides

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